Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time For An Act Of Kindness

 Ahhhhh...Sometimes I love to procrastinate!  Doesn't everyone have their days?  For many years I worked as a project manager and was intensely focused on always meeting time lines.  I even carried that mindset into my personal life, to a degree.  Perhaps as a little backlash from everything having to be so tidy and on time, on the homefront I would allow some things to slide now and then.  It felt freeing to float to the other side of life - just relax more.  I confess that I began to make more of a habit out of it.   Along the way,  I discovered that some of the things I had procrastinated doing were better left undone.  Ultimately I had  learned something about myself - that I wasn't completing something because it didn't hold my interest- or it simply wasn't me.  But, for other things, there was another important lesson.  I started to see my postponements as a road block to kindness.  Last winter when the snow started to fly and my daughter's winter coats and sweaters needed to be packed up for donation, I realized I should have done it much earlier.  Every day, that had already gone by, was a day that another child could have had one of these great coats wrapped around them.  What was I waiting for?   Our donations were washed and packaged and out the door in no time.  I assessed my ongoing "To Do" list and began to see a lot of "my postponements" in the same light.   I didn't want kindness to wait any longer!

Three things are coming off the "To Do" list TODAY.   
  • I will reorganize our home office, so my husband has more productive and inspiring surroundings to work in. 
  • I commit to reach out to three people that I have not heard from.
  • I promise to give an extra special thank you to a friend.

What have you been procrastinating?  Is there an act of kindness waiting in the wings?

Wishing you a beautiful day!


Maria said...

Good Morning, Doreen!
What a beautiful post. I love the photo of the watch ~

I have much to do ~ and some with a changed perspective. Things done with bitterness, regardless how perfect their outward appearance... rarely have a sweet outcome.
Things done with kindness have a sense of perfection all their own.

Oh my goodness, my list is super long!
...and what timely wisdom ...
Have a wonderful Wednesday dear ♥
love you much*

Wanda..... said...

Thanks for the reminder...I have some catching up to do with letter writing.

Julie Harward said...

I love the way you think! I always say..Always obey your warm hearted impulses when they come, don't put them away! ;D

koralee said...

Great message my sweet friend...todays something special for 3 people! Hugs.xox

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

ooh hoo, startting to see my postponements as a roadblock to kindness.... you have said it, dearest Doreen. I was only feeling this way but now that I read your beautiful post, I can lay my finger on my feeling.
I have way too many postponements lately, me too, I must start cleaning my list. First of all, I will send the postcards that are waiting in my cupboard first thing tomorrow morning. Receiving post is a little treat, don't you think? Furthermore I must clean up that same cupboard, clean my fridge and I will give an extra special thank you to a friend too.
Love for a wonderful Thursday, have fun with your sweet pea xxxxx