Sunday, April 3, 2011

Taking Kindness To The Next Level

Great opportunities to help others seldom come,
but small ones surround us every day.
~Sally Koch

While out and about running errands I had made a stop into one of the local stores to use the DIY photo finishing machines for an 8x10 enlargement.   I began to use one of the machines but, for some reason the photo was now opening with a different orientation at the store than it had at home (landscape instead of portrait), creating all sorts of problems in completing my finished project.  Tina, the salesperson came from around the counter, unsolicited to try to lend a hand.  She tried every creative thing she could think of until ultimately she had exhausted all the options.   I told her that I was just fine with the finished product.  I thanked her with all the appreciation that I could possibly work into the close of the sale and a goodbye.
Earlier that day I had been listening to an inspirational talk by Joyce Meyer about giving and she suggested that we should take our giving “to the next level”.     So I started thinking about how could I take everyday kindness to the next level and what that might look like,  for example,  showing my appreciation to Tina, the salesperson- how would I take that to the next level.    I pondered it for a little bit and then it came.   I’ll take it up a notch by letting Tina’s manager know about how exceptional she is.   

Being kind, thankful and appreciative of those who serve us is always a wonderful way to express kindness.   And taking it to the next level when the situation arises may serve to boost someone’s confidence; help with a performance evaluation, promotion, raise, and in this vulnerable economy may even help when jobs are at stake. 

Kindness in words creates confidence.
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.
Kindness in giving creates love. 
~Lao Tsu

Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.
~  Blaise Pascal

How can we take some everyday kindness to the next level?


Anonymous said...

So true Doreen, especially in the service sector where Customer feedback may be the only way an employer knows how well someone is serving their Customers. We’ve all been waited on by employees who didn’t want to give you the time of day so when we find one that does. We should say something.

Maria said...

Hi Doreen!
Great photos today! :o)
Isn't it great when people leave a compliment or two... sometimes they are taken by surprise that someone would extend a kindness like that!
Great reminder for us... I can think of a few people that are overdue a 'thank you' from me!
*Thank you so much for coming today to help us give Jason a big family group hug to send him off with lots of love in his heart ♥ I know it meant a lot to him.

Maria said...

ps. I just love the quotes!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Another lovely post, Doreen. It makes me think and I love to think! Being kind and appreciative is easy and no trouble for the 'giver' and oh so uplifting for the one who receives.
I like the thought of taking things to the next level.

I hope your week is off to a lovely start, Doreen xxxx

Wanda..... said...

Thanks for visiting "Moments of Mine" earlier today, Doreen, I now realize you are sweet Maria's sister! Following you will be a pleasure, carrying kindness to the next level will be my goal today. So agree with your thoughts of appreciating the moment we are in.

Julie Harward said...

Great thoughts and quotes here..I so agree and for me the next level is always the example of Jesus Christ...I want to be like him. :D said...

Wonderfully inspirational post! I'm filled with positive energy of helping people today, all thanks to the chance I've read your post. Be well!

koralee said...

Such a wonderful your sweet images. Your quotes are wonderful..I am going to write down a few.

Happy evening my friend. xoxoxo

Fat Dormouse said...

When I receive good service from an employee I always (well, often!) try to let the Manager/customer service department know. After all, we would quickly complain if the person was rude or unhelpful, so why not say thank you if the service is exceptional.

But in general, how right you are - we so often forget to thank people for what they do for us.